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The CMV Group is incredibly focused on giving back to the community, and the CMV Foundation and CMV Staff Foundation form an important part of the overall culture at the CMV Group. The CMV Foundation is a charitable trust deriving funding from Commercial Motor Vehicles Pty Ltd which in turn earns its income from operations. The CMV Foundation’s charter is to make donations and provide support to worthy causes in the broader community. Since its formation in 1953 by the late Sidney Crawford, substantial funds have been donated, developing social responsibility and awareness whilst assisting those less fortunate.

In similar spirit to the CMV Foundation, the employees of the CMV Group have established a foundation of their own. The CMV Staff Charitable Foundation is funded by voluntary contributions from staff, which are then matched dollar for dollar by the CMV Foundation. These funds are then distributed to charities that are registered as deductable gift recipients as per the Foundation Charter.

If you are wishing to apply for assistance from either the CMV Foundation or CMV Staff Charitable Foundation please see below. Unfortunately due to the volume of applications we are unable to assist with all submissions.

Please send all details of your application to: 

CMV Foundation
GPO Box 2238
Adelaide 5001

If your charity or organisation is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), please contact:

CMV Staff Foundation