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We were thrilled to finally be able to come together in both Adelaide and Melbourne to celebrate the CMV Group’s collective achievements at the 2022 Annual Staff Dinners.

Our yearly dinner is the most anticipated event of the year, giving staff and their special guests a chance to relax and celebrate their valued achievements and milestones.

The Adelaide Convention Centre was the incredible venue for the South Australia dinner, while the wonderful Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted the Victorian dinner. The scale of both venues provided us with the opportunity to line the room with a range of trucks and cars, both current and historic, allowing employees and their special guests to see the range of exciting vehicles and brands we represent across the Group.

Amelia Mulcahy, from Channel 7 Adelaide, was the perfect host for both events, leading the evening’s Q&A’s and awards with ease and grace, and showed respect for the history of the CMV Group and those who have worked so hard to make the company what it is today.

One of the most important aspects of the night is to recognise the stellar work of high achieving individuals within each business by awarding the 2022 Employees of the Year and Apprentices of the Year.

Congratulations again to the following Employees of the Year:



Mercedes-Benz Adelaide – Ritalee Jadhav
CMV Farms Loxton – Jarrad Lynch
CMI Toyota Christies Beach – Braden White
CMI Toyota Cheltenham - Tayla Holden
CMI Hino Adelaide – Stephen Ordish
Riverland Almonds – Ilaria Simeoni
Australian Pioneer Pistachios – Kate Um
Lexus of Adelaide – Frank Liu
CMI Toyota Adelaide – Ben Kusanke
Barry Maney Group – Rebecca O'Donohoe
South Central Truck & Bus – Mitchell Femia
CMV Group Administration – Nicole Bergstrom
CMI Toyota Eastside - Dan Fisher
CMV Truck Centre – Allison Bruce
Mercedes-Benz Unley – Joe Guastella



CMI Hino Melbourne – Craig Reynolds
CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut – Regan Prendergast
CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut - Steven Koukoullides
CMV Truck & Bus Epping – Dante Fisicaro
CMV Truck & Bus Fleet Management – Edwin Close
CMV Truck & Bus Albury – Suzanne Sanders
CMV Truck & Bus Clayton – Doug Robertson
CMV Truck & Bus Dandenong – Shane Sinclair
CMV Tuck & Bus Gippsland – Matthew Breheny
CMV Truck & Bus Shepparton – Cassandra Lloyd
Hallam Truck Centre – Mark O’Dwyer
Bayswater Truck Centre – Grant Brown

Congratulations and well done to the following Apprentices of the Year!



CMI Toyota Adelaide – Thomas Warnes
CMI Toyota Cheltenham – Joshua Weston
CMI Toyota Christies Beach – Cameron Stewart
CMI Toyota Eastside - Aaron Radogna
Mercedes-Benz Adelaide – Caleb Ramsey
Lexus of Adelaide – James Longinidis
CMI Hino Adelaide – Justin Nguyen
Mercedes-Benz Unley – David Baker
South Central Truck & Bus – Travis Coad
Barry Maney Group – Nick Copping
CMV Truck Centre – Mason Cook



Bayswater Truck Centre – Brenton Stammberger
CMI Hino Melbourne – Ellis Murphy
CMV Truck & Bus Dandenong – Henry Lam
CMV Truck & Bus Shepparton – Lachlan Mann
Hallam Truck Centre – Jono Wolf
CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut – Dyllan Leahy
CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut - Thomas Rhodes
CMV Truck & Bus Fleet Management – Jake Stevenson
CMV Truck & Bus Albury – Paris Maw
CMV Truck & Bus Clayton – Roulse Mutsigwa
CMV Tuck & Bus Gippsland – Tim Lovelace

This year we took the opportunity to honour CMV Farms Director, David Crawford, and his incredibly successful career as he ‘steps back’ from his position and hands over the reins to Ryan Norton. David was recognised with a special video featuring messages from his coworkers about their time with him, and a recap of his many achievements whilst leading the growth of CMV Farms.

In recognition and thanks for all his incredible work, David was also presented with a gift at the Adelaide dinner – an impressive Indigenous art piece, which is one of David’s personal favourite art styles.

Following this, CMV Group Directors, Paul, Michael and David Crawford took to the stage to acknowledge the exceptional milestones that have been reached by team members.

We’d like to thank the following people who have dedicated a number of years at the CMV Group, for their hard work and loyalty.

Adelaide Long Service Awards

20 Years 
Nick Varsos - CMV Truck Centre
Steven Hicks - CMI Toyota Christies Beach
Mark Evans - CMV Truck Centre
Alan Atkinson - Riverland Almonds
Marco Matto - Lexus of Adelaide
Nathan Sagrestano - CMI Toyota Adelaide
Justin Faull - CMV Truck Centre

21 Years 
Deanne Crawford - Riverland Almonds
Gary Thomas - CMI Toyota Adelaide

25 Years
Troy Brooks - CMI Toyota Eastside
Brett Campbell - CMI Toyota Christies Beach
Richard Pilkington - CMI Toyota Christies Beach
Guy Morgan - South Central Truck & Bus
Jeff Richardson - CMV Group Administration
Alan Fedornak - South Central Truck & Bus

30 Years
Steve Thomson - CMI Toyota Cheltenham
Trevor Smith – CMI Toyota Adelaide
Darroll Nuttman – South Central Truck & Bus

35 Years
Alan Spangler – CMV Truck Centre
Tony Mutter – South Central Truck & Bus
Jason Burford – South Central Truck & Bus

40 Years
Bill Smith - South Central Truck & Bus
Paul Crawford – CMV Group
David Thalbourne – CMV Group Administration

45 Years
Wes Bartsch – CMV Truck Centre

50 Years
Michael Crawford – CMV Group

Melbourne Long Service Awards

20 Years 
Andrew De Longville - CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut 
Aaron Kuszlaba – CMV Truck & Bus MSRDC 
Lesley Wickham – CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut 
Nick Josevski – CMV Truck & Bus Epping 

21 Years 
Steve Doneski – CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut 
Greg Spencer – CMV Truck & Bus Clayton 
Ian Vagg – CMV Truck & Bus Cobden 
Adam Blain – CMI Hino Melbourne

25 Years 
Charles Bunker-Smith – CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut 

30 Years 
Bones Nardella – CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut 
John Athanasiadis – CMV Truck & Bus Derrimut

40 Years 
Paul Crawford – CMV Group

50 Years 
Michael Crawford – CMV Group

As well as recognizing those who have reached significant milestones at the CMV Group, we also took the opportunity to thank and acknowledge both Geoff Magin and David Meyer for their significant contribution to the business and officially announce their retirements. 

To provide our guests with an update about our expectations for the future and expected trends in the industry, in Adelaide, CMI Toyota Senior General Manager, Drew Ford, along with CMV Group Senior Executive Manager, Daniel Crawford took to the stage for a Q&A with Amelia. They shared insights on new models entering into the industry and our strategy to ensure we continue to be at the forefront of trends and opportunities as they present themselves. There are several noteworthy electric vehicles, trucks and buses coming to the market in the next few years, with the transport industry facing a great deal of change.

In Melbourne, Amelia was joined again by Daniel Crawford and also CMV Truck & Bus General Manager, Miles Crawford, to discuss the ‘electric future’ in the heavy vehicle transport industry, and the exciting truck launches by Mack Trucks Australia and Kenworth Australia.

Following the formalities, the night changed gear as the band ‘SoCal’ graced the stage in Adelaide, while in Melbourne guests were entertained by ‘AstroSoul’. Both bands did a terrific job drawing guests to the dance floor with a range of current hits and classic tunes.

Thank you to all who attended the evening and a special thank you to those who assisted in making the both events happen, including those who transported the vehicles to and from the venue, the night’s speakers, and those involved with organising the event. Congratulations again to the Employees and Apprentices of the Year, and of course the recipients of the Long Service Awards. We already can’t wait for next year’s event!

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