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We are extremely proud to share that the CMV Group has been honoured for our commitment to the automotive industry with a lifetime achievement award, presented at the 2023 AADA Convention and Expo’s Chairman’s Dinner in Sydney earlier this month.

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) is the peak industry advocacy body, exclusively recognising new car Dealers in Australia and this year, four automotive retail luminaries were honoured for their commitment to the industry, one of which was the CMV Group.

The lifetime achievement awards are only given to individuals or businesses that have been operation for more than 50 years. The awards recognise those who have dedicated their working lives to the retail automotive industry and are presented in recognition of their massive contributions to the industry.

CMV Group Managing Director, Paul Crawford was proud to accept the award, and attended the evening with CMI Toyota Senior General Manager, Drew Ford and CMI Toyota Adelaide General Manager, Jason McKenzie.

When detailing the rich history of the CMV Group, one which spans almost 90 years, guests were provided with a brief overview of the company that was established in Adelaide by the late Sidney Crawford and a group of friends, which specialised in the sale and service of commercial vehicles. you can watch the brief history video below.

Paul Crawford was honoured and extremely proud to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of the Crawford family and the CMV Group.

“It would be an understatement to say that I am both very privileged and humbled to be here tonight and to have our family recognised in this way,” said Paul.

“Obviously, it’s a generational family of car and truck dealers. We stand on the shoulders of all of those who have gone before us and all the family and all the other employees that have made this possible. 

“I’m also very conscious of the families that have been recognised tonight, and the previous years. And that is humbling is also an understatement.

“As you have seen, from relatively modest beginnings the tractor and truck business was the foundation of CMV Group. This business has had its ups and downs, no question about that, and I think all of you would attest to that. 

“But it does continue to be a really magnificent journey. And I was really heartened by John Hughes’ comments and his absolute empathy for what we do.

CMV Group receives AADA Lifetime Achievement Award

“While our influence has largely been in South Australian and Victoria, it’s really great to be receiving this award here in Sydney, because I think it kind of exemplifies the national flavour of what we all are as motor vehicle dealers, and also the very essence about the AADA, symbolising a vibrant and healthy and active association. 

“And of course, it’s mirrored by many other organisations like the commercial vehicle industry association, heavy vehicle industry associations and many other state bodies that help us navigate through lots of the challenges that we will come across. 

“We work in an industry that is very dynamic and changing and perhaps never more so than at the moment. It is also an industry that’s not always recognised for what we contribute to the overall economy. 

“So it’s great that organisations like AADA and others, can bring a unified voice to the regulators in the government, who I’d have to say in many cases don’t really have a very great appreciation of what we bring to the economy. 

“Actually, I’d go further than that. And say that most, most governments of either persuasion or any persuasion, at all levels have very little appreciation of what the local car, truck, agricultural dealers are bringing to their communities and to their societies. 

“And I’ve got to say, I’m a very proud Toyota dealer, and I see Matt Callachor tonight, taking his time to come and represent the dealer body, things like National Tree days, and all the things we do for footy. 

“I don’t think it’s very well understood by government. And it’s great to see the AADA taking it up to them, particularly at this time when there are so many challenges. 

Standing here in front of you, I’m just really proud to be a car and truck dealer. I’ve loved the industry and more importantly, I’ve just loved working with our employees and tonight’s award will be very, very proudly received by our 1800 employees and will go down in history books as a gold plated night. So thank you very much the AADA for recognising us.

CMV Group receives AADA Lifetime Achievement Award

AADA CEO, James Voortman said this year’s recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award were “incredibly special people” in businesses in our industry who had demonstrated “exceptional service to the communities they serve, to the people they employ, and to this industry as a whole.”

The 2023 AADA Lifetime Achievement Award winners were John Hughes of John Hughes Group, Doug Kerr of Shacks Motor Group, Peter Roberts of OG Roberts & Co, and CMV Group and its founding and business family, the Crawfords.

Thank you to all of our staff, customers and suppliers for their support – without you, recognition like this would not be possible. Congratulations again to all of the other winners on the night and we look forward to seeing the commercial vehicle industry continue to grow and evolve well into the future.