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The CMV Group Volunteering program has officially launched in Victoria and we’re thrilled to already have a number of employees participating at a variety of charities and organisations! One such charity is Pinchapoo, an incredible organisation that provides personal hygiene products to disadvantaged men, women and children. 

This initiative started after founder and CEO, Kate Austin, washed her hair using shampoo ‘pinched’ from a hotel, and realised these hotel toiletries that often go unused would make incredibly useful donations for those escaping situations such as domestic violence. 

Every week, far too many Australians are forced to choose between buying food or hygiene products, with 1 in 3 Australian’s experiencing hygiene poverty, and since this hotel toiletry ‘pinching’ movement began 14 years ago, more than 10 million personal hygiene products have been redistributed to disadvantaged Australians.

Recently, a volunteering group from CMV Truck & Bus Dandenong, CMV Truck & Bus Clayton, Bayswater Truck Centre, and CMV Truck & Bus Fleet Management attended a volunteering session at Pinchapoo HQ, putting together personal hygiene product packs for those in need.

Speaking about the experience, volunteer, Marc Spencer of CMV Truck & Bus Fleet Management said, “it was a great group and we all worked hard to ensure Pinchapoo received the maximum benefit whilst we were there, but we also had a lot of fun in the process.” 

“It was also great to meet Kate and hear her story about where this charity started 15 years ago and the massive ‘WHY’ behind why she decided to start up this wonderful not for profit program. She is a remarkable person and this really is a great cause.”

Paul Spizzica of Bayswater Truck Centre said of the session, “I found the experience humbling and realised how important it is to think of others that are in a very difficult time in their lives. To be a small part of helping them is very rewarding.”

“It was a great feeling contributing to a fantastic cause. A brilliant day shared with great likeminded work colleagues,” added Adam Steenbuck of CMV Truck & Bus Dandenong.

When asked to share his thoughts on the CMV Group Volunteering Program, Marc said, “I have a great appreciation for what the CMV Volunteering Program is all about, therefore I wanted to send the message to other CMV Group employees that no matter what your role is within the company, we should all try and make the time to participate in programs such as these for the betterment of the community and society in general.” 

“My role as the National Operations Manager for the Woolworths fleet maintenance contract keeps me extremely busy and time poor, however, my message to other employees is that if I can make the time to participate in such programs, many more employees within the CMV Group can do the same.”

We’re thrilled to have had CMV Group staff members so generously volunteer their time, as the impact for the organisations that receive this donation of labour is immense.

Kate Austin, Founder/CEO of Pinchapoo was incredibly appreciative of the support received from our group of volunteers, “what a wonderful team you sent us, what a lovely bunch of guys! They worked so hard and really engaged with the cause, and I’m very grateful for your incredible support!”

Giving back to the community has always been a huge part of the culture at CMV Group, and as part of the recently launched CMV Group Volunteering Program, employees now have the opportunity to take two days paid volunteering leave per year.

Read about the volunteering session at Hutt St Centre in South Australia.