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The CMV Group has just completed its first full year of the CMV Group Volunteering Program, an initiative that we are extremely proud of. 

The past year has seen almost 1,200 hours of volunteering completed across 14 different organisations in South Australia and Victoria, and one of these organisations includes Hutt St Centre in Adelaide. 

We joined team members Daniel, Bec, and Regan, from Mercedes-Benz Adelaide and Unley for one of these volunteering sessions to hear firsthand what it’s like to volunteer at Hutt St Centre, and also demonstrate the importance of the CMV Group Volunteering Program in our community.

Watch the video below:

Hutt St Centre is an organisation that is vital to those experiencing homelessness in SA, empowering them on their path to rebuilding their lives.

Not only does Hutt St Centre fulfill the immediate needs of those who walk through their doors, including providing food and a shower, they also provide long-term support including connecting people with housing, education, and employment opportunities.

Speaking about what is involved in a volunteering session at Hutt St Centre, Regan said,

“When we arrived we met all the lovely staff, and then we were brought to the kitchen where we were given a quick breakdown of what we had to prepare for. 

We peeled vegetables, prepared meals, got cutlery and plates all ready, and set the tables. Once everybody arrived, we were serving meals, cleaning up and getting everything set.”

Having volunteers like Regan, Daniel and Bec, providing hands on support for the team at Hutt St Centre ensures that they can continue to provide their services to those experiencing hardship in our community.

Hutt St Centre Kitchen Manager, Pete, explains “It’s really important that we continue to have the amount of volunteers that I get to come and help me do what I do… we really couldn’t do what we do without them.”

To be able to provide an such an important service to those who are in need is an especially rewarding experience for our team. 

“The most enjoyable part of the day for me was being able to see how much difference volunteering here makes to people’s lives. Everybody’s volunteering and running around. Seeing the amount of people that it helps has been quite humbling,” says Daniel.

“My favourite part was how rewarding it felt seeing everyone so appreciative and enjoying their lunch,” explains Bec.

“Being able to provide meals to people that need it, is a big thing in my heart,” adds Regan.

For those considering participating in a volunteering session, either through the CMV Group Volunteering Program, or directly through a community service provider like Hutt St Centre, the Mercedes-Benz Unley and Adelaide team have some strong advice.

Daniel says, “If you’re thinking about volunteering, do it. In terms of getting involved, it’s a really good feeling. It’s nice to be able to contribute to society in a good way, so please, get involved.”

“I definitely encourage anyone that even has half a day, to pop out and assist with any of our volunteer agencies,” adds Regan.

“We are privileged to work for an employer that gives us opportunities to volunteer in situations like this. So, if you have a chance, I would definitely recommend doing it,” says Bec.

Thank you to Daniel, Bec and Regan for volunteering and assisting Hutt St Centre with their lunch service. We look forward to bringing you more stories from the CMV Group’s Volunteering Program in the near future.

Learn more about Volunteering with the Hutt St Centre.